Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Some places are just amazing; the simple activity of walking environment refresh your soul. While walking through the forest and on the seashore your spirit connects with the environment surrounding you. The simple walk becomes a passage of your journey on earth, as you start reflecting and feeling the great moment of your life. The people you love become present with you in each step you are taking, at each breath and at each moment that you are presencesing.

When natural smell of nature touch your nose your brain brought you back in time rememorize the people who impacted your life in a great way. It is the people who allow you to be who you are at this exact moment in life. You can only feel honor by what you receive wrong every encounter, and the best way you can honor them back is by enjoying this moment forever by blessing the earth back.

Here some great picture of my walk on the world second longest boardwalk in Rigolet:

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Pony said...

So beautiful! I'm happy that you get to be surrounded by such beauty and good company :)