Monday, August 9, 2010

Growing roots

Neuroplasticity science suggests that our brain continue to shape, as it evolves from our experiences. The sciences argue that my brain growth accordingly from the lived experiences. The plasticity of the brain will modify pending on how much the experience is stimulating: safe emotional environment, challenging experience, possible success achievable, constant, and many other factors.

Presensing my experiences shapes my being and it is what cross my path that will allow me to evolve. The important part of experiences is to integrate them. Our awareness makes the experience unique, and it gives us the opportunity to appreciate each instant of the mystery of life. It will then offer us the opportunity to evolve in harmonically with nature.
It will be an utopia to believe that only human being evolve, because you only need to look outside of your windows to find out that any organic matter is shape by it own experiences. And, it is by perceiving the natural spirits that we learn who we are now.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Finding the path

Leadership is similar as walking a trail or finding your way. When searching for the path, even an old path that you know well, the route will be different. Each of your steps would feel different, as you move forward, or break to catch your breath, or simply appreciate the surrounding you will discovery... Each time you focus your attention you are on a journey to discovery new wonder.
Leadership is the same, no matter how many time you face or live a situation, it will evolve and bring new possibility. While covering your path, you can break to catch you brain, or move forward with your perspective, or simply one again enjoy the moment you will discovery... Each time you focus your attention you are on a journey to discovery new wonder.
While I walked last weekend, I was amazing to see that burning trees are still present event 25 years later. The adventure facing forest fire made them die, but it also preserve them in a time less manner. The old burn trunk are standing there, they are stronger. The outcome of the fire made them stay with use with a different angle, that you need to bring your attention closer to discovery and perceive their wonder.
Leadership carry this wonderful hope that by examined the challenge that life offer you, you become stronger. You evolve as you move forward, or break to catch your breath, or simply appreciate the surrounding. It belong to you to move from a good shot to a great shop by simply take the time to focus.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Some places are just amazing; the simple activity of walking environment refresh your soul. While walking through the forest and on the seashore your spirit connects with the environment surrounding you. The simple walk becomes a passage of your journey on earth, as you start reflecting and feeling the great moment of your life. The people you love become present with you in each step you are taking, at each breath and at each moment that you are presencesing.

When natural smell of nature touch your nose your brain brought you back in time rememorize the people who impacted your life in a great way. It is the people who allow you to be who you are at this exact moment in life. You can only feel honor by what you receive wrong every encounter, and the best way you can honor them back is by enjoying this moment forever by blessing the earth back.

Here some great picture of my walk on the world second longest boardwalk in Rigolet:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Celebrating the Olympic

Interview from D. Doyle:

Notes made in my journal re exercise of AI
Dominic: 3rd period...with amazing...the atmosphere was great, everybody cheering for both teams, great hockey, we were all celebrating the achievement, especially when game was tied.
What are my three wishes? make me participate more often the crowd was celebrating the performance- no matter what the outcoem. People in general would be more respectful of each other, it was a celebration, not enemy vs enemy. So no booing. I wish to be part of that again. If you can bring 20000 people together to celebrate achievement, it's a glimpse of a real positive possibility for the future.
Those are the notes I made of a 5 minute exercise - it seemed to me that you connected our Olympic experience directly to Appreciative Inquiry - it was a cool moment!