Monday, August 9, 2010

Growing roots

Neuroplasticity science suggests that our brain continue to shape, as it evolves from our experiences. The sciences argue that my brain growth accordingly from the lived experiences. The plasticity of the brain will modify pending on how much the experience is stimulating: safe emotional environment, challenging experience, possible success achievable, constant, and many other factors.

Presensing my experiences shapes my being and it is what cross my path that will allow me to evolve. The important part of experiences is to integrate them. Our awareness makes the experience unique, and it gives us the opportunity to appreciate each instant of the mystery of life. It will then offer us the opportunity to evolve in harmonically with nature.
It will be an utopia to believe that only human being evolve, because you only need to look outside of your windows to find out that any organic matter is shape by it own experiences. And, it is by perceiving the natural spirits that we learn who we are now.