Friday, March 26, 2010

Celebrating the Olympic

Interview from D. Doyle:

Notes made in my journal re exercise of AI
Dominic: 3rd period...with amazing...the atmosphere was great, everybody cheering for both teams, great hockey, we were all celebrating the achievement, especially when game was tied.
What are my three wishes? make me participate more often the crowd was celebrating the performance- no matter what the outcoem. People in general would be more respectful of each other, it was a celebration, not enemy vs enemy. So no booing. I wish to be part of that again. If you can bring 20000 people together to celebrate achievement, it's a glimpse of a real positive possibility for the future.
Those are the notes I made of a 5 minute exercise - it seemed to me that you connected our Olympic experience directly to Appreciative Inquiry - it was a cool moment!